altnet 2009

2 08 2009

I reached there on time for a change. Today was the third day of the event. Big thanks to ian, alan, ben and seb for organizing the event. The event started out with the organizers explaining the the open space format. The conference started with people signing up for various topics and putting it up on the chart. Twitter channel was continuously abuzz with information.

A talk about Concept to Cash / Building software that matters, brought up issues like making sure there is business value in what we build. Gojko did a very good job facilitating this discussion.

There was a discussion about Domain Events based on Udi Dahan‘s blog. Turned out to be a real crowd puller.

Also managed to be a part of informative discussion about REST.

A group of people gathered together for lunchtime discussion on real work issues adopting agile. They identified issues like working with distributed teams.

    I put up a topic on “Concurrency paradigms”. The conversations revolved around the three most popular Concurrency paradigms locks, actor model, and shared transaction memory. It was great learning experience talking to the guys at altnet. We discussed about real world usages of these paradigms. Consensus was that if we are solving a simple concurrency problem then we can still use threads with locks. If we need high levels of concurrency then we have to do away with locks. Actors based concurrency is a good idea for this. But if we need concurrency and also need to take care of transactions then we can use shared transaction memory. More on this in this blog.

    The other topics that were discussed are available on the altnet site

    I have uploaded some pictures in picasa.

    Apologies for an unorganized post. I will edit this post when time permits. is by far one of the most enthusiastic event I have ever attended. Great job guys to all who were part of this. Thanks to all the wonderful people I met at this conference and the great memories I took away.




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