Continuous deployment and flexibility

16 03 2010

Say a client asks you to build an application such that he can change it between releases. He wants to be able to do this so that he can react to business needs quickly. But most of the time this is interpreted as a way to build an application that is highly configurable.

One of the application I was working on had very high levels of complexity because of the infrastructure to make it configurable. The client was using a very expensive rule engine which was sold to him saying that business can deploy rules without developer help.

Clearly what the client wanted here was to be able to react to business needs. But what he got was an application which had a baggage of infrastructure to make it highly configurable. In this day and age where many projects use continuous deployment, there is not much of an issue in responding to a business need. Release becomes a non-event.

Even during maintenance phase, we can continue to keep the continuous deployment setup in some cases.

It is just a thought and I would love to see what people have to say about this.